Review: My Ist Blurb Book! (Inspraa 12′)

On May 11, 2013 I finished creating a simple Blurb book. This book I decided would be filled from my most beloved images from 2012 since that was a very eventful year for me. To justify, in 2012 I began my 4-year journey through high school and improved a lot in my photography skills. From start to finish everything was a walk in the park. The only hard part was the anticipation and anxiety as I waited for the book.

On May 21, 2013 I received my Blurb Book and was so happy when I refreshed my FedEx Tracker to see it had been delivered and was waiting patiently for me on my front doorstep. When opening my package I was shocked to see the quality of the book. It was astounding for only $21 (includes shipping).


Title: Inspraa 12′

Book Type: Soft Cover (Color) Pocket

Book Size: 5 x 8 in. (13 x 20 cm)

Number of Pages: 76

Paper Type: Uncoated White

Ordered On: May 11, 2013

Shipped On: May 16, 2013

Delivered On: May 21, 2013

Details w/ Photos: Click on images to view a larger image …

Front & Back Cover: The cover is glossy and depending on what you put on the cover you can see fingerprints. However, they are not very noticeable unless there is a light reflecting on the cover. It is not a very thick cover, but it does seem pretty sturdy. I would compare it to any softcover study books, such as a SAT Prep Book or Barron’s Guide Book. The photo printed onto the cover is beautiful and is true to the original. Also, the text on the cover is sharp.

inspraa12 042

inspraa12 004

Pages Inside (Only a few images from the book are featured): Unlike the cover, the pages within the book are not glossy. Instead they are very matte. The paper is thinner than the cover, but images do not bleed onto one another. All the photos within the book with the exception of the final page are full bleed spreads and the paper beautifully shows their full bleed potential. All photos are true to the original, so if there are any mistakes with coloring or brightness/darkness all fault is on my part. Luckily, none of the black and white photos have not been altered and are stunning in person. Text on the first page is also sharp. The only aspects I do not like is that the pages do not lay down flat, but I know this is very hard to find from most book companies and that the final page of the book is not the same size as the other pages. It is slightly smaller in length.

inspraa12 041inspraa12 039 inspraa12 038 inspraa12 036 inspraa12 030 inspraa12 025 inspraa12 021  inspraa12 005 inspraa12 001

So would I buy more from Blurb? YES! I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and speed this company offers. Everything was what I expected and more. This is great for photographers who need an affordable way to create a portable portfolio or a writer who wants to carry around their own novel or poetry collection.

To see the opening and all pages of this book click here (YouTube video)

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Project #001: Inspraa 12′


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